Lemon, Cucumber & Basil Water

Whew, after scoring two big goals, my sweet little peach had to take it easy.  So he asked me if I could cut up some cucumbers to put on his eyes.  He also wanted a green mask made out of play doh and guacamole (his words) but I didn't have any on hand :)  I decided to cut up some more cucumbers to put in some water and decided to add some lemons (that we always have on hand because we use them in our chia drinks) and throw in some fresh basil for good measure.  What a refreshing glass of water that was that I had to share!  The picture doesn't do the justice that this cooling drink brings.  The first time I had water flavored with fresh fruit was when I was in Detroit at the American Ballet Theater's summer dance intensive.  At the hotel that we were living in, they had strawberry water and lemon water every day :)  There are so many variations you can do, you can add raspberries, peaches, clementines, mint, rosemary...the possibilities are endless!  Hope you enjoy this version...and we're off to the Spring Game and will post pictures of that later :)

Lemon, Cucumber & Basil Water


1/3 of a cucumber
2 lemons
Fresh basil


  • slice the cucumbers and basil and add them to a glass of water and let sit for an hour
  • squeeze the juice of one lemon into the cucumber/basil water and add slices of extra lemon