Mini Fiesta at School

At the boys school, they have a mini fiesta during Fiesta down here.  We were sent home again with this little note about the floats we were supposed to make for the parade that the 3-4-5 year old classes would be walking in.  Made me chuckle last year and made me laugh this year.

Besides the non-competitve parade of floats, they have games and prizes and nachos for the kids set up in the "gym" of the school.  It's a lot of fun for the kiddos.

His float, as we figured, it was Super Hero themed :)

 Best friend Jackson.

He had a meltdown and wanted to stay outside for about 15 minutes and wouldn't let anyone near him.

Just watchin all the fun from outside.

Coltrane's class next year won't take part in the festivities because he'll be in older two's class.  I'm not sure what Kingston's school will do next year as he'll be in big boy KINDERGARTEN!  We'll be sure to go to the Battle of the Flower's Parade since both boys will be off.  Happy Fiesta!