Pointless Post

*This is pretty much a pointless post, hence the title.

I was just unloading the washer when after grabbing and transferring some clothes from the washer to the dryer, I noticed some little black specks, leaned a little closer and screamed, verbatim, "Ahhhh fleas!"(lest we forget that I have on occasion yelped when in situations that I deem emergencies ie: saying, "Help" when I was home alone and my water broke with Coltrane, and when he face planted into the rock the other weekend and I just stood there and said, "Ahhh") ... and then, I tripped over an old diaper bag that was sitting on the floor next to the washer (the other day I said to myself that I should move that bag and never did) and fell onto a trashbag full of old clothes that I was supposed to "sell" months ago.   Fleas?!  I thought, how the hell did we get fleas we don't even own a pet.  Hmm, so I picked myself up and upon further investigation realized what the black specks were.  Chia seeds!  Thank the good Lord.  I forgot that the other day, I spilled a whole glass of my chia fresca and not knowing how to clean it up, I used a towel to try and soak up the water and some of the seeds before I decided to vacuum up the dried seeds.  This wasn't something that I could type in the search engine on Pinterest or Google...How to clean up a glass full of chia seeds that my dumbass knocked over with my foot, my foot people, not sure how I managed to knock over a glass of water - that was on a table - with my foot...

Anyway, it seems as if this post is turning out not to be pointless after all.   FYI, If you ever spill a chia seed drink, use paper towels and throw them away.  Do not use a towel and then throw said towel into the washer because you too could be tricked into thinking you have fleas.  You learn something new every day.