East Meets West

We just got home from a quick whirlwind trip out to Seattle for one of Kyle's high school friends wedding.  And also to celebrate our anniversary!  For the past three weeks Kyle has been in Houston recruiting so we decided that it would be a nice little break to meet up out there.  I have never been to the West Coast except for when I was about Coltrane's age, so really have no recollection.  First thing Kyle says to me when he calls from Seattle is, "We're moving here." He assured me I would love it and for the first time ever, he was right.  I only took a few pictures, as I left my camera at home (probably a blessing in disguise ;) so all of these are from my phone.

Flying out to the West was a beautiful flight.  I've never seen so many mountains from the air before.

It was a short trip for me, so I wasn't able to do any sightseeing by foot, but we did drive through downtown Seattle on our way to Kirkland (where Kyle went to high school and reminds me of The County but on steroids but without tobacco/cornfields, cows and red barns :)

Kyle and Joe Willie.

The groomsmen the night of the rehearsal.

The following morning, Kyle was busy being a groomsman, so I was able to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL day.  I went for a run and completely underestimated the hills of Kirkland, which means that I walked most of the way.  Everything was so green, probably due to the steady mist that blankets the city.  We're talkin just absolutely beautiful.

This is the view of downtown Seattle from Joe Willie and Nicole's back deck.  Notice the green hues surrounding everything.

Big, beautiful flowers were blooming at every turn I made on my run walk.  These ombre ones were everywhere.

Like I mentioned earlier, Kirkland reminded me of Chesapeake Beach, just...supersized.  These photos are by Kyle with his nifty new iphone ;)

The wedding and reception were beautiful and lots of fun!

The next day we had the worlds most expensive brunch and headed back to Tejas.  Luckilly, Kyle and I were on the first half of our trip together (he's back in Houston) so that was nice :)  And wouldn't you know, there was an eclipse that day.  We were supposed to be in the air when it happened, and they handed out paper that you are supposed to poke a little hole in and hold it up against the window to reflect the shadow onto a white piece of paper...however...we got into Phoenix earlier than planned so missed it from the air, but was able to catch it from the airport.  Pretty cool.

Now that I'm home, it's time for me to clean up our own version of Mt. Ranier which consists of stuffed animals, toys, a couple shoes, a sippy cup, some dirty clothes and gum wrappers.  Word.