Father and Sons

We are in the midst of Spring Recruiting which means that Kyle is out of town for the month coming home on weekends only.  This year, he and I are actually meeting up in Seattle for our Anniversary/a friends wedding (more on this later) so he won't be coming home for one of those weekends.  Basically not seeing the boys for two weeks straight!  Even though recruiting in the Spring is shorter than in the Fall, it is a lot tougher.  On everyone.  Mainly due to the fact that we were so used to having a somewhat "normal" schedule that came to an abrupt end when we lost Kyle to Houston.  And that the boys are getting older and realize that he is gone more.  Coltrane the babe of few words will tell me in his little raspy drawn out way of talking, "I waaan Dadddddyyyyy come hoooooome."  :(

The first week that Kyle was out of town he came home with lots of goodies for the boys.  Here they are eagerly waiting for the big reveal of what they got.

This next photo is one of my favorites of my three boys.  After week 2 of recruiting, the boys heard Kyle honking the horn and BUSTED out the door and down the driveway to grab ahold of their Daddy.  It took a while for their hugs to end and I don't think any of them even minded the heat (100 degrees) when they were interlocked in loves embrace.

We're halfway done!  Ready to get our family back together.