Night Ride-O-Rama

Fun night ride tonight with Racer Boy Ian - only second nocturnal ride for him ever - and the first was quite awhile ago.  

Hour plus cruise through the woods, he did great.  Riding by headlight puts a whole new spin on the local trails.  Beautiful night to be outside and we didn't roll back into the garage until 11:15 PM.  Loopy or good parent am I?  You be the judge.

Blogger action has been a little lean lately, been swamped at work and home.  I've slowly ramped up my commuting to a whopping two days a week, partly due to a lingering cold and lower back issues.  My bike to work team however, still rules over all our company teams, thanks to a few other folks pulling my (lame) weight.  I'm crawling out of my winter slump daily.  Is it May already?

Night ride was also practice for something in the near future, that should provide some interesting blog fodder.  Stay tuned...