Memorized Zen

Hit the local woods for a quick spin after work, official iPhone shot as photographic proof.  I'm a damn lucky boy to have fun singletrack ridable from the house.  Sure, I've been riding the same trails for 23 years now - though they've morphed and changed over time - but I'm still not sick of 'em.  Different seasons, fitness levels, direction traveled, various bikes, riding pals, solo cruising, and moods - make 'em new at times - over and over.

Some rides I hit completely stupid lines on purpose, or try to wheelie between corners.  Other rides I'm on auto-pilot, cruising memorized singletrack at speed while daydreaming, creating sort of a Zen experience.  Sometimes while falling asleep, I mentally cruise through my usual loop, as if riding.  Strange, eh?

Thousands of rides on these trails imprinted in my defective brain.  I'm a damn lucky boy.