Meet the Teacher

School supplies are all packed.  I followed the checklist to a T and even signed up online through the PTO to volunteer at numerous events throughout the coming school year.  If we're not careful, I may end up volunteering to be the Room Mom, just so I can spend all the time in the World with my sweet Kingston.  As we wait until it is our designated time to meet Mrs. Cook, my heart beats faster, tears fog my sight and I squeeze his baby legs.  I'm going to have to take my magnesium today for sure because my heart is aching.

I am second guessing a lot of choices that I have made along the way.  Which I think or at least hope that other parents have done too.  Should I have put Kingston in pre-school for a full day instead of half a day.  Should I have only kept him in three days a week instead of five so I could have had more time with him. Etc etc etc.


I teared up as we walked into the classroom that would be his.  The room where he will learn to read, make new friends and begin the steps to independence.  Mrs. Cook gave Kingston a huge hug and I'm sure I needed it more than he did ;)  Kingston raced to the toys and started to play. Unaware of my butterflies and rapid heartbeat.  Blind to the anxiety that school entails to many.  Phew!  So far, so good.