First Day of Pre-School

Last year, Coltrane cried every day that I dropped him off at school.  That's right every. single. day.  From September to May, his cries would echo down the hall, through the sanctuary and up to the heavens.  Kingston would see him in Chapel and they would let them sit next to each other to calm him down.  So, as you can imagine, I was so nervous for the poor little guy this year especially since Kingston is at a different school this year.  Not only was I nervous, Kingston was even like, "What is Coltrane going to do without me?" 

Coltrane had been doing so well at the gym when I would drop him off (alone too, since Kingston had started school a week or so earlier) so I was hoping that he would carry that confidence over to school as well.  And to all of our surprise (when I say all, I mean, EVERYONE who knew us at the school from previous years) he did wonderfully!  He clung to me a little longer when I dropped him off, but he just went straight to the toys and I was in shock and just stood there and made eye contact with Ms. Maura and she was in shock too and the tears just filled my eyes and I had to run out.  My big 2.5 year old son who cried all year last year just waltzed into school and didn't skip a beat and went straight to the dollhouse - I'm sure to play Daddy go poopoo and slam baby in toilet - to each their own right?  What is happening? Who is this kid and where is my Coltrane?  I'm so proud and still in disbelief how smoothly the transition from being with me/us all summer, Kingston going to big boy school and Kyle back to his crazy hours that Coltrane is doing so well with school.  Thank you God!

That face!


Just bossin it at the head of the table.

Successful first day of preschool!