King Kingston

Today Kingston was the King for the day at school.  I wasn't sure what that exactly meant and he wasn't exactly in the mood to tell me what it entailed, but I gathered that he was the line leader and got to eat lunch on stage :)  He has been doing so wonderfully at school and even wants to go on the weekends!  AND, now, I'm not allowed to walk him into the school (his rules, he is The King after all).  I now pull up in the drop off lane and a volunteer helps him out of the car and he walks into the school like a big boy.  The past few times, the P.E. teacher has been opening my car door for him and greeting him in the morning.  This afternoon, as I was waiting in the pick up line, she walked past me and said, "You're Kingston's Mom right?"  I said yes, that I sure am.  She then said, "Wow, Kingston is just a special little boy.  He is so funny and is really something else.  What a good kid"  I was beaming and still am. 

**Okay, so today he was the line leader, and yesterday he did not sit on stage.  (I need to remember what Mrs. Cook said when she said that she believes about 50% of some of the stories the kids tell her)  What he got to do was wear a crown all day yesterday and sit on the Sun on their carpet for the story time.  Close enough :)  Last year, he told some of his teachers that he went to Paris over the weekend and another weekend, we had gone to Disney World.  Kids ;)