Columbus Day

Both boys had off today for Columbus Day.  I had dreams of heading to the gym as a respite from brother fights, nagging and questions.  However, the day had other plans :)  A cold front came through over the weekend, and we're talkin a real cold front, not one of those bs ones where it is 88 degrees.  So we stayed outside all. day. long.  Our whole spirits had been lifted.  Spending months in 107 degree weather is wearing and this sudden onset of cooler weather was like a weight was lifted off our hearts.  I'm not even being dramatic, it's that hot in TX during the Summer.  Before I get carried away, I just had to share the pictures from our day, because not only did we spend it outside we also spent it with cheery dispositions and there were no tantrums.  Not one.  As the great Ice Cube once said, "today was a good day".

Sharing (who are these kids) breakfast at Panera.

Tackle football.

There may have been a fart involved.

Picnic lunch.