Seattle Cyclocross Series # 3 - Silver Lake, Washington

Yes kids, time for another round of 'cross Pics 'N' Words, courtesy of me at no additional charge.  Call now, operators are standing by.  As seen on TV.  Money back guarantee.

This alleged report emanating from the shores of Silver Lake, Washington.  That be in Everett for all non Pacific Northwest types.  Stop number three for the Seattle Cyclocross series, held last weekend.  The Seattle and MFG series are well attended, now pulling in around 1000 racers per event.  Crazy town, huh?

This race also signaled the end of our Warm 'N' Sunny weather.  Overcast, cloudy and cool.  Rain the night before, wetting things down a bit. Leaves changing color and cooler temps make it feel like fall.  

And fall means cyclocross...

Juniors hit the sand, teammate Henry staring down his line.  My number # 1 son, Racer Boy Ian, seen on the right.  Go JL Velo, go.  Start area pavement dumping quickly into fairly deep sand.

Cheering makes you go faster.  Scientific fact.

Running through deep sand adds to the festivities.  Sam demonstrates.

Ian lines up for the barriers.

Looking good.

Go Ian go!  He was looking forward to this event, this venue more to his mountain bike style - tight turns and short punchy hills - almost singletrack like.  He was riding well and looking good, then it all sorta went pear shaped...

Barriers, sand, then short run up.  Nobody said 'cross was easy.  Sam stares me down in agreement.

Junior teammate Henry blurs the course with speed.

Scott and Jarrett - two very fast 13 year olds - in battle.

Kids racers rock.  They really do.  Pretty cool junior scene we have in the Seattle area.

Run Ian run!  Flat tire causing him to run almost the entire last lap.  Ouch.  After crossing the line, plopped on the ground to recover - soaked with sweat - slightly light headed.  Suburb effort, though he was seriously bummed.  First flat or mechanical issue in a few years of mountain and 'cross racing.  Bound to happen eventually.

We have no spare wheels or bike in the pit area, would have come in handy today.  Ian did run into the pit, directed by spectators - but after some confusion over his 9 speed cassette - he just ran out of the pit to finish.  I'm not even sure if this series offers neutral support.  I need to check on that.

In any case, I'm very proud of him.  Would have been easy to quit, instead toughed it out and ran to the finish, placing 14th out of 18 kids in the Junior Boys 13 - 14 class.  Excellent job.

Fallen pine needles, overcast sky, arm and knee warmers.  Smells like 'cross season.

It's the final countdown.  Fast women get ready to roll.

Joey spreads the love.  Joey is a bit famous from this little spectacle last year.

Round 'N' Round we go.

Carve an arc.  Monster Cross bike leading the way.

Single speed Action-O-Plenty.

Barriers 'R' Fun.

Full speed dive into the sand.

Dude, we told you that number was bad luck.

Man, these helium filled bikes kick ass.  Theo charges the barriers.

Evan tilts the horizon on his way to a very respectable finish in his first CAT3 race.  Pretty cool for a high school kid, no?

Harrison deep in thought - or maybe pain.  Another fast high school kid.

Doc who fixed my daughter's broken arm last year.  Any doc who races 'cross is okay in my book.

And there you have it - another post to help fill up the Internet.  More 'cross reports and other nonsense to follow.  Thanks for reading and checking out the pics.  Until next time...