He's Baaack!

Well, look who it is.  Charlie, our Elf on the Shelf .   We are one of those families who are pro-elf on the shelf.  There may be haters out there who don't understand the joy of an almost creepy little elf hopping around their house watching over their kids and reporting back to a make believe man, but haters gon' hate.  The joy on Kingston's face when he saw that he was back was the same joy that I saw in his face when we went to Disney World.  There is an innocent, pure, delight that I want to preserve.  And if that means that Charlie is part of our family for a month every year, so be it.  Coltrane naturally walked right up to him and picked him up.  I thought Kingston was going to pass out, luckily we all survived.

Kingston insisted that I bring Charlie into their room to listen to The Elf on the Shelf Book, and gathered materials for a makeshift bed.  (After being caught moving Charlie numerous times we told them that we are allowed to touch him.  I should also add that Kingston saw Coltrane's underwear on the floor next to the couch which had clean clothes folded on it and asked me if they were clean and I said I sure hope so, why don't we put them in the dirty clothes bin...I guess he had other plans)