Potty Training Take Three

This is not our first attempt at potty training Coltrane.  Little Bitty was on a roll a while ago, peein and poopin and wearing unnawears and then it just stopped.  No big deal, I haven't really been pushing him to potty train because I think he still looks so baby running around in nothing but a diaper :)  And it's also just easier to put him in a diaper do our thing that we've been doing for almost three years...but, it hasn't just been three years that I've been changing diapers it has been over five years that I have been changing diapers, between Kingston and Coltrane there was never a break, in fact for a many months I was doing double duty with the diaper changes with BOTH kids.  So here's to our third attempt, I'm not expecting any miracles and will be fine if we all fail in this go round...sheesh, and I thought he looked baby running around in nothing but a diaper, but he looks oh so cute running around in nothing but his big boy unnawears.

*update.  Only had one accident right before bathtime :)