Danny McAskill - Amazing

Direct via YouTube, another installment of Danny McAskill to awe and amaze. Incredible blend of trials and freestyle moves with risk involved, though with his insanely smooth style - it looks easy. Most impressive.

Besides virtual riding via the Internet, I did get out for a nice 2 hour mountain bike ride this morning with fellow coworker dude. He has the extensive bike background - raced BMX, mountain bike experience - including racing the infamous Kamikaze Downhill Race "back in the day", as well as bike shop duty in the past. After a multi year layoff from bikes, back into it big time over the last few months - including three new bikes. First time we've ridden together, fun ride, always cool to show off my local trails. We plan to hit the woods again soon.

I honestly enjoy getting out with different folks to ride - especially if they're coming "out of retirement" or new to the sport. You can see the gleam in their eyes that riding, especially mountain biking, is coolest damn thing ever. And yes my friends - it is.