Magicshine Battery Recall - Waiting is the Hardest Part

Oh Magicshine, my previously bright little friend - you now lay dark and dormant. Everyday, I await the arrival of the two replacement batteries I sent in for the recall, many weeks ago. Fall is approaching, my bike commute will soon require illumination. The clock is ticking...

As I reported back in 2009, the Magicshine lights were/are a killer deal for the dough. I liked 'em enough to pick up a second set. With the amount of page views on my "review" awhile back, I may have even helped sell a few - and that's cool.

Since then, as noted, the batteries were recalled for a possible fire issue. Fair enough. Alas, no sign of the replacements. Emailing Geomangear, who sells Magicshine lights online, responds with a form letter...

We apologize for this automatic reply but we are being swamped by requests for information about the recall battery replacement schedule.

We have had a huge response to the recall. There are multiple steps involved after the recall administrator receives your claim form from verifying your name, address, PIN and number of batteries against our order database, to scanning and attaching your signed claim form to the database that is provided to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, to creating the XML data format to handle the shipping aspect of this process.

Based on the expert's best estimates of batteries needed for the recall, we placed our first order for our custom designed, fully tested battery packs in January and received these packs in late April. The claims filed have greatly exceeded the estimates and we have placed our next order for batteries to continue fulfilling claims. Unfortunately, we have recently learned that the Japanese natural disasters have seriously affected the supply of the Panasonic cells used in our battery packs and the production time has increased from six weeks to sixteen weeks.

Because Geomangear is a small, family owned company we must rely on sales to support this very expensive recall program (now in excess of $750,000 dollars). This means that we must continue in business selling bike equipment so that we can order and send more batteries to customers who have filed claims.

All of these issues affect when you will receive your replacement battery. We are trying our best but this process will take time and we don't yet have an answer to your question.

If your question is not about the replacement battery schedule we will do our best to send you a personalized answer as soon as possible. We ask for your patience and understanding.

Geomangear Team

Bummer situation for all involved, especially if the Japan earthquake disaster is a factor. There are far more important matters then bicycle lights. Even so, I'm not looking forward to paying $85 for a new battery - with two replacement batteries in the queue - I hope.

I'll continue to check the mailbox for a few more weeks...

09/08/11 Update: Replacement batteries arrived today. Thanks Magicshine!