Rescue 301

Today as the boys and I were getting out of my car at the HEB, we heard sirens coming down the road.  This of course excited my boys, Kingston because of the commotion and because he knows all about fire trucks and firemen and Coltrane because it was a truck, one of his favorite things.  I watched as all the cars slowly pulled over to leave a clear path so that the two firetrucks would have an open and direct path to get to where they needed to go.  We stood watching for longer than needed as most people walked right past us to get their carts.  Finally, Kingston said, "Mommy, are we just going to stand here all day?". Whoops, I did it again, zoned out, must be the lack of sleep for the past 5 years :)

For some reason I couldn't get the scene out of my mind, it was only 2 fire trucks moving down the street as cars neatly and calmly moved to the side, sheesh!  (I need a nap) but it was very re-assuring to see that people no matter what will get out of the way when they know that someone is in need of help.

In life there are wounds and accidents and fires and boo-boos on the inside as well that need to be healed, tamed and taken care of.  I'm lucky to have my family steadfastly driving the unseen rescue vehicles to my side even if they just remind me of my own resilience.

*They come rushing too even if at times it's just because I need to know how to poach an egg or clean up Coltrane's poop from the carpet.