Tiger Mountain - It's Grrrreat !!

Another visit to Tiger Mountain today, one of several in the past few weeks. Years ago I used to hit this area pretty often, it's now back in the riding rotation. There's a reason for that - it rocks. Dirt road climbs, followed by root and rock infested singletrack descents. Smooth roller coaster sections and decent views as a bonus. Big grin guaranteed or your money back. Call now, operators are standing by.

I threw a ride notice out to about 30 Facebook pals, as well as Ian's junior race team. Final tally for today's festivities: Son Ian and I, plus riding pal Brian. A few other nibbles and excuses. Those poor saps don't know what they missed.

The three of us did the usual Tiger trail routine. Steep 3+ mile dirt road climb to the Preston Railroad Trail, another dirt road section the NW Timber Trail, followed by yet another dirt road climb to enter the Iverson Trail. Short downhill dirt road blast to end it all. 16+ total miles and probably 2000+ feet of climbing. A good all-around mountain bike ride for sure, with 12 year old Ian rocking it. A fun day. Why do I never tire of this two wheeled tomfoolery?

Misty mountain hop on the Preston Trail. Sections of this trail used to resemble a bombed out creek bed. Much trail work and improvements recently. Still a technical descent, but now some smoother fast sections added to the fun. Our weird summer weather continues. Was 60 degrees and misty for half the ride, then Mr. Sun made an appearance to the applause of all.

Purty flowers on the NW Timber Trail.

Brian, talented musician, coworker, riding pal and all-around nice guy - looking quite debonair. He debonairly crashed nicely later in the ride. No damage to body or two wheeled steed. Sometimes you gotta pay to play. All part of the mountain bike rule book.

Here I debate the 29er verses 26" wheel argument with Ian. "See, your wheels are less efficient"...

"29ers roll faster and have a better angle of attack - believe the hype."

"Yeah, whatever Dad. I'll be kicking your ass soon anyway. Let's just ride"....

Mountain biking is serious business.

Another day on the trails down in the books. After 27 years of mountain biking, I appreciate all this even more as I get older. Spending quality time with my son and friends, being outside, challenging yourself and being fit. It's fantastic.

Now get your ass out there...