This past Saturday, Kyle had an away game in Beaumont against Lamar University.  I would usually try and listen to the game on the radio but this game was on  Which was very cool and it was great quality.  The game started at 7 so both boys were able to watch some of the game.  Kingston and Coltrane both are very cognizant of football being daddy's job.  Coltrane will point to a football game on TV and say Da-da and Kingston knows the difference between offense and defense (definitely Kyle's teaching, not mine)  So here we were, on a Saturday night huddled, pardon the pun, around the computer watching the game!  What a far cry from what my Saturday nights used to be ;) But it was a GREAT and very close game.  We were proud of Daddy

*Toward the end of the game Larry got a shout out from when he was the head coach at Lamar and then after the commercial break, they mentioned Kyle being his son and being a coach at UIW :)