First Day of School

September 6 was the first day of school for the boys.  We LOVE the school that they are in and in reality, Coltrane is just going to a Mother's Day Out program and Kingston is indeed going to pre-school.  This year Kingston will be going 5 days a week from 8:45 (on a good day ;) until 12 and Coltrane will be going Tuesday and Thursday the same time.  All during August I had been talking about school and how they were both going to be making new friends, learning new things and having to be good boys listening to their teachers etc.  We were all very excited for school to start, probably me more than any of us.

Don't get me wrong.  I love being home with them, or rather, having them home with me but boy the last weeks of this summer break were starting to wear on all of us.  Their usual independence and confidence turned into stubbornness and me having to dive to catch them from falling off pieces of furniture taller then them (think noooooooo, in slow motion--which I have actual footage of Coltrane doing, too funny)  Their curiosity and chattiness turned into CONSTANT questions and whining.  Their humor and wit (yes, even the baby has this) was more like sassiness and sneakiness.   And the time-outs, oh the time-outs, they were becoming a multiple times a day occurrence.

And then it hit me (much like when I'm awakened in the middle of the night of Coltrane yelling my name, or when Kingston crashes into me while playing an intense game of superheroes or that all to familiar smell of a dirty diaper when I just put the baby in a clean one)...that this is the LAST year before Kingston starts kindergarten.  It makes me cry, and I literally am right now.  It's so cliche to say, but time really does fly by. So for the last week of summer I attached myself like a leech to the boys, so much so to the point that it annoyed them :)  I need them as much as they need me!  And in all reality, I pick up the boys at noon everyday, so we still have PLENTY of time to annoy spend together ;)

These were in Kingston's folder on back to school day

poor guy doesn't know what's about to happen

Coltrane cried basically for 3 hours this first day :(

and again this day :( :(

Kingston:  All the girls were chasing me on the playground
Me:  Why?
Kingston:  Because they want to marry me
Me:  Oh, of course!!!
Kingston:  BUT Mommy, I don't want to marry all of them bc I don't want to start any fights or have them fight each other
Me:  That's right Kingston, one at a time brotha

And then we high fived.  LOVE HIM.  He's doing so wonderfully at school and I'm not surprised one bit.

Coltrane eats lunch at school :)

They said Coltrane cried and would then play and then cry again and then play this day.  Baby steps

What we do when Kingston's at school and it's just us

Kingston and his buddies.  So sweet to watch them all play together.

Coltrane ate ALL his lunch this day AND was happy the majority of the time, when I picked him up, he was over with two buddies playing and came running up to me with a ball!

Now to figure out what to do on those days that they both are at school ;)