Project Hakkalugi Rolls Again

The mighty old school Ibis rides once again. Frame hanger straightened and rear spacing modified by experienced hands. Pile-O-Parts ordered and arrived from various locations around the U.S of A. Then lovingly assembled by yours truly. That be me.

I've been riding this bike for 14 years and in this day and age of disposable everything, that's saying something. With the recent overhaul, a few more years will be added to our shared history.

Let's take a Tour of the Overhaul, shall we?...

New old stock XT derailleur, killer deal for $30. SRAM 8 speed 12-30 cassette. My, what shiny teeth you have. SRAM 8 speed chain to direct my huge horsepower to the rear wheel (ha!). The SRAM Power Link master link - much smoother set up then those wacky break off Shimano pins. Derailleur, cassette and chain from various eBay sources.

New Tange BB and Sugino inner chainring from Rivendell. Outer Sinz chainring from eBay shop. Well worn Ritchey Logic crankset and Shimano 747 pedals remain for additional pounding. I went with 36x46 gearing with this rebuild, along with the 12-30 cassette to gear things down a little. I'm getting old and feeble. The Shimano 105 derailleur is from the original build in 1997.

New Tektro CR720 cantilevers provide stopping power, replacing the old low profile Shimano cantilevers - that worked okay - I wanted something with more power. I also dig the modern retro look to 'em, which matches the now vintage Ibis. Another eBay deal, $27 for the pair. The Chris King headset remains, hasn't been touched in 14 years and still smooth. Quality stuff.

Matching Tektro brake in the rear. Cheap Michelin hybrid tires provide dirt traction for 'cross use. The reflective sidewalls can blind competitors when aimed correctly. My secret weapon.

Along with parts already mentioned, new brake and derailleur cables courtesy of REI. Cool cable kits with everything you need - inner cables, housing, cable ends, etc - all in one bag. I've used these kits a few times, very recommended. The last new item was bar tape - Cinelli - to complete the new bike feel. Momma Mia.

Old items still grinding along include the wheelset, that's getting pretty tired. 1997 era XTR hubs still rolling after 25,000+ miles. The rear is getting a little rough, the cassette freehub a little sticky; cured with a few drops of chain lube. The rear rim is also concaved from wear, being the second rim laced to that original XTR hub. Plan is to pick up a pair of Neuvation wheels and real 'cross tires eventually.

The old school 8 speed Shimano STI levers still fire away as designed, especially after a cleaning with some degreaser. Other original items include the Syncros seatpost and Flite saddle that are still going strong.

A damn cool, old school Hakkalugi, no?

After the rebuild, a cruise around the neighborhood. Ah, yes - like meeting an old friend. It's been a few months since I've ridden the Hakkalugi. Slick new drivetrain and cables. Comfy new bar tape. The new brakes rock. This was a bargain, low dough rebuild; even so, the bike rides super sweet and looks great. Sure, a new bike would be lighter and more trick. There's still something super cool about older bikes like this however, that can't be replaced by new.

After a few final tweaks, late on a Saturday night - hit our new practice barriers a few times - in the dark. Everything felt ready to go. Go where?

First race of the MFG series the following Sunday morning. Yes indeed, that will test the old Ibis. And me too...