School Days

Kingston absolutely loves school.  I think he's feeling confident because it is familiar, since he went there last year.  He has two new teachers this year Ms. Pat and Ms. Beverly who remind me of sweet Grandmothers :)  They are very warm and welcoming to each student and to all of the parents.  I can tell that Kingston is going to thrive in this environment this school year.  Here are a few pictures of his classroom that he was showing off to me the other day.

Kingston gets one everyday for being a good boy and he calls them, "fuzzy warmies" :)

And here is a quick picture I snapped of Coltrane in his classroom.  Believe it or not, he has finally warmed up to his teachers and the realization that he has to go to school and that I will pick him up.  He still cries in the morning when I drop him off, but one of his classmates Mom's said she dropped her son off 2 minutes after I left Coltrane and that he was not crying by the time she got in the room!