The Tigers Fall 2011

This will be Kingston's 4th soccer season!  And my 4th season as a soccer Mom-sweeeeeet.  The YMCA here starts out soccer at 3 years old, so we put Kingston in when he literally JUST turned 3.  You can see a video of his first game by clicking here.  He LOVES to play soccer 99% of the time.  In the past, he has been weary of the games because of the bigger kids.  Which totally makes sense, seeing as he's 4 and playing in the 5-7 year old league.  His coach wanted him to move up because she said he had a lot of talent and that he would be bored in the 3-4 year old league.  So, as the great Mom that I am, I put him in the league with the big 7 year olds.  Some of these kids are beasts!  Most of Kingston's team is in the 5-6 year old range with the exception of Jackie who is 7. Jackie is definitely someone you want on your team.  She was with The Tigers last year too :)  They just had their first practice and their first game is this weekend and I think Kyle can even make it to this game!

Jackie is the little girl on the far right side with the pink shorts :)

it was 1 million degrees outside