Just a Couple Things...

That this sweet boy has said that made me smile.

Upon giving me a picture that he had drawn.
"Do you know which one is you?  You're the one with the chubby belly and the boobs."

He said this under his breath after I told him no to eating lunch at McDonalds three times.
"Then why did God even make McDonalds?!"

As he was stepping into the bathtub he asked...
"Why don't girls have penises?" and then, "How do you even pee?"

While I was reading him his nightnight book he interrupted me (half-asleep mind you) 
"Mommy, let me teach you a lesson.  When there is a bee around you don't do this (swatting the air) you just need to remain calm, okay Mommy." 

Love my Shoobiedoobie BooshieMan!