Class of '04

Today, me along with 7 other friends were tagged in the photo below that was in an old facebook album.

This picture was taken at our College Homecoming the Fall after we had graduated.  Nostalgia hit hard as we commented back and forth about people's posture, expressions, my awesome see through aviators and the quality of the photo.  At first I was like, oh that old picture, that was just taken a couple years ago--wait. a. minute.  That picture was taken 8 years ago.  8 years ago people, just when I was starting to settle into the notion of being 30 I had to go and realize that I did not in fact graduate 4 years ago though it always feels that way.  As I was getting the notifications of people posting, I was sitting in Panera with my boys.  Ironic really, as the girls and I used to frequent Panera at Elon.  Especially since it was next to the tanning bed (barf) and senior year we could use our Phoenix card.  Yes, I still have this gem, just expired 2 years ago :)

A lot has happened in those 8 years since graduation:  Got my first job, moved halfway across the country, got married, had two babies and officially retired - and not necessarily in that order ;)

Our group is separated by miles and time zones.  So many times we all have said that we wished that we all would have moved to the same city right after graduation, but we all know whichever city it would have been couldn't have handled us :)  1700 miles ain't no thang--marriages, promotions, babies, heartbreaks and birthdays; we're still always there for each other.  As we each enter new phases in our lives, we will continue to be present in those moments, if not physically; emotionally.  A phone call, skyping, an email, a handwritten letter and a text definitely can't replace a hug and a side by side belly laugh, but they sure can shorten the distance between us all.