Well, the Rodeo has come and gone, almost a month ago.  Better late than never with this posting!  This was our first year going and we are looking forward to next year.  The boys loved it, there is SO much to do, and we only headed down there for one day even though it is a two week event.  Next year I'm going to brave going there alone with the boys a few times because there is just so much to do and see.  Namely, there is an amusement park that Kingston was begging to go to, but we ran out of steam and some of the rides were a little to big kiddish for him.  Let's Rodeo!

Eagerly awaiting their pony rides.

 Coltrane LOVED and I mean LOVED riding the pony.  He was all smiles the whole time!!!

 Who wouldn't want to buy this sweet guy a pony?!

Here's a video, don't mind me in it...

*Coltrane got really sick after we went to the Rodeo, and I convinced myself that he had contracted ecoli from the petting zoo...I'm crazy *


Naturally, after the pig races, Kyle got the biggest hotdog ever.

So sleepy, and sick with ecoli, kidding...

We ended our day at one of our favorite spots...Paloma Blanca