First Soccer Game of 2012

This year, the Tigers got new uniforms and they have a little bit of blue in them.  The boys went crazy for that :)  And, for the first time ever, the Tigers won!  9-1!  And Kingston scored!  We've sure come a long way from the past few years where we would lose by at least 10 points each game :)  Kingston has improved so much and is able to somewhat control the ball.  He's still the fastest one on the team but still a little timid of the other kids.  He's just too sweet and doesn't want to get hit or hit anyone else and I don't blame him.  In fact, he knocked down two kids this past game by accident and I could just see in his little baby face that he felt awful.  Coltrane surprised me because he was well behaved the whole game!  I didn't have to run out onto the field once to scoop him out of the way of 10 little kids trampling over him and he didn't fuss once about wanting to be playing soccer with the team!

Only went out during halftime to give Kingston a hug :)

Kyle was able to make the second half :)

GOAL...he shoots with his left foot

A little embarrassed after scoring :)

Shoobiedoobie Booshieman