First Day of Kindergarten

I'm glad that I waited to write this post about the first day of kindergarten.  Had I written it last Monday it would have been am emotional, blubbering mess.  Because, I am totally not. that. now...

Day one--he did it!  Kingston went to kindergarten without a hiccup and LOVED it.  Thank you God!  I was worried sick over him, because he has not been to a full day of school yet.  At his pre-school, I would pick him up at 12:00 and he would come home and eat lunch with me (Coltrane ate at school).  Anyway,  he didn't seem too exhausted and talked with me about his day!   And, he ate all of his lunch :)  I was so proud of him. 

Self timer...Kyle couldn't make his first day.

He didn't want to hold my hand!!!  -sniffle sniffle-

Yet he would hold little bitties :)

This is where I started to take deeper breaths...

He just waltzed right in, gave Mrs. Cook a hug and went straight to the toys.

As we were leaving, I heard him say to these little boys, "Do you like superheroes?" (heart melting)

And then, the tears started.  For me and for Coltrane.  It wasn't a pretty sight-Coltrane that is, luckily his emotional outburst of "I want my Kingston!" quickly zapped me out of my oh-my-poor-baby-is-in-kindergarten-waa-waa.

This guy was REALLY happy when we went to go pick Kingston up from school :)

A little after school treat...

I found these cute printables online and had Kingston fill it out when we got home.

Day two, was not as good as day one.  For whatever reason, I could sense this apprehension as we walked down the crowded hallway.  His hand held tightly interlaced with mine...We arrived a little early and had to wait in the hallway with the boys on one side and the girls on the other and as he sat down, I saw a glossy glare from the slightest of tears beginning to form on his big, dark mahogany eyes.  I took a deep breath and sat down beside him and asked him if he was okay.  He gave me a silent nod and I squeezed his hand even tighter.  And then, Coltrane sat down and gave him a hug.  He gave me a coy smile and let go of my hand.  The bell rang and we walked single file down the hallway toward his classroom.  We saw two of his buddies from pre-school and his pace picked up a bit.  We were the first ones to get to the classroom and a line of kiddos quickly formed behind him.  He was ushered into his classroom and I wasn't able to give him a hug with the great wall of kids blocking me from him.  I waved, blew him a kiss and mouthed, "I love you!" to him.  And then tears fell.  Big, drops, some rolling down my face, some just bellowing out of my eyes straight onto the cold shiny floor below me.  I couldn't stop myself and had to put on my sunglasses.  Coltrane started in on, "Why my Kingston not with me, why my Kingston stay at school, I want my Kingston."  We finally made the trek back to my car and I sat and cried, with Coltrane, for a good long time.  We headed to the gym shortly after * I should add, that I first made a stop at our house for some good old fashioned emotional eating and made myself a ham/egg/cheese biscuit and then headed to the gym, where upon walking in, Kyle called and I broke down again.

And when I picked Kingston up from school that afternoon, he was happy as a clam, the fears of that morning were gone along with the hopes of me really sticking with that diet.

I am happy to say that things have been going remarkably well at school!  Kingston is blooming, meeting new friends, can spell red and blue with his eyes closed ;) and is eating most of his lunch and not just the dessert!  I can't wait to watch what unfolds for him this year.  He is a remarkable little boy, truly a special, sweet, kind, compassionate, inquiring little boy with the World just waiting for him...  And let's be serious here, this kid's got some serious style.  First day, rockin the purple Vans, second day, the high top Vans and the third day his Toms high tops.  He's got style, he's got grace...must have got it from his Mama:

My first day of Kindergarten in 1987
Or,  not.