Meet the Teacher (Pre-School)

How lucky we are that Coltrane has one of his favorite teachers this year!  He is in the older 2's class this year and I will again be picking him up at 12 after he eats lunch.  We stopped by today to meet the teachers and have a quick little meeting.

As I was heading out to go to the meeting with the directors of the school, Coltrane kept telling me, "I really love you.  I love you Mommy, I really love you."  Bless his heart, there was an ache in his voice as if we would never see each other again... I told him that I would be right back and that I really loved him too.  He then grabbed my face with both hands and looked me in the eyes and said, "I love you Mommy, I really love you." Oh Coltrane, he can be the sweetest.

This is him running over once I returned.

He said, Look Mommy the Daddy is going poopoo.

And then, he kept slamming the baby into the toilet and laughing.  Yes, it is true.

We then went on a lunch date together :)

Round two :)