The Bobcats

This year for Kingston's 6th season of soccer, we changed from the YMCA to an actual league.  He is in the youngest category but we figured this will be the league that he'll play with until he's a teenager if he chooses (holy smokalito).  And boy is he fast.  Truly, the fastest on the team and I'm not just saying it because I'm his Mommy.  It makes us laugh too at how fast he is, his legs look like the roadrunners from the old school cartoon. 

After their first game, Kingston's name has been dubbed Kingston Hat Trick Kennan.  He scored 3 goals!  He gets embarrassed when he does.  He also gets very concerned if he bumps into another kid and he will watch to make sure that they are not upset.  So, he's the total opposite of the annoying kid who pushes everyone out of the way :) 

Introducing The Bobcats.