Training Camp Practice

We just returned from visiting UIW for one of their practices during Training Camp.  I'm still glowing from the look on Coltrane's face.  It was of pure, innocent joy.   He is OBSESSED with football.  He watches youtube football videos on my phone, can play football for hours, watches football on tv, sleeps with his football, has 2,000 football players, I could go on and on.  So for him, now as a big 2.5 year old being in the mix with all the players was such a dream.  I can't even describe the look on his face and how in the zone (no pun intended ;) he was the whole time.  Lest we forget to mention sweet Kingston who himself is an incredible natural athlete...when we got there, he just sprinted around the whole track in about 2 minutes flat, as a warm up.  For real.  He was excited and happy to be at daddy's work and to be surrounded by guys (being home with me all day is apparently not as exciting). Not to mention, this is the first time they have seen Kyle in a week!

As we settled into bed this evening an exhausted Kingston thanked me for taking them to see Daddy and then drifted off to sleep even before I finished our nightly routine.  Coltrane on the other hand twirled my hair and kept repeating in a soft voice, "I wanna see my daddy, my daddy no go to work."    The tone of his words still echo in my heart but I'm just grateful that they were able to see and hug Kyle tonight and I have to keep reminding myself how lucky we are.


My new camera lens came in the mail seconds before we headed out to practice so I brought it with me to test it out, the pictures below aren't the greatest, but I was just getting used to the manual focus and the zoom of the lens as I've been only using a fixed lens since last May.  Hopefully in due time I will get used to the feel of my new lens (thank you Kyle).